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Mastermind Group

$59.99 USD every month

A Mastermind Group Membership Gets You Direct Access to the Best in the IndustryGet the most from your business by gr...

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$3,000.00 USD

NO MORE WAITING!!! The Dirt Monkey Team has decided that RIGHT NOW is the time to bring our absolute VERY BEST materi...

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Explosive Growth Series

$999.00 USD

For the first time in the history of Dirt Monkey University and for that matter, in the history of landscape educatio...

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9 Part Bidding & Estimating Series

$699.00 USD

9 Part Bidding & Estimating Series Part 1 - Understanding Pricing Components Part 2 - Overhead in Detail Part ...

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Landscaping Business Systems - 6 Part Series

$399.00 USD

Part 1 - Overview of Landscaping Business Systems Part 2 - Job Jacket Documents Part 3 - Sales System: Lead to Sale...

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Editable Employee Handbook

$99.00 USD

Our employee handbook is an editable 13 page document that goes over just about everything you would need to cover fo...

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Project Foreman - Job Description

$49.00 USD

Help your second in command succeed by laying out clear expectations of his/her role in your business. If you tell th...

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Commercial Lawn Care Estimating Course

$85.00 USD

This course will take you by the hand through the process of bidding the lawn care maintenance for a commercial prope...

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Residential Lawn Care Estimating Course

$55.00 USD

This course is designed for lawn care providers who are looking for a formula for bidding residential lawn care (mowi...

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Bullet Proof Lawn Maintenance Contracts

$59.99 USD

Originally created for members of the Dirt Monkey University Mastermind Group, we have released this series ...

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How to Bid Mulch & Rock

$75.00 USD

Join Stan on site as he bids a mulch and rock job for an apartment complex (you do the same for bidding out residenti...

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How to Bid Sod Jobs

$99.00 USD

"How to Bid Sod Jobs" is Part 4 in our 9 Part Bidding & Estimating Series.   To utilize this training most ...

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