Residential Lawn Care Estimating Course

$55.00 USD

This course is designed for lawn care providers who are looking for a formula for bidding residential lawn care (mowi...

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How to Bid Mulch & Rock

$50.00 USD

Join Stan on site as he bids a mulch and rock job for an apartment complex (you do the same for bidding out residenti...

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Jack of All Trades, Master of Two - Audiobook & eBook

$8.95 USD

Forget the fluff. It’s only the facts in this book. Frustrated with reading business book after business book a...

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10 Basics to Starting a Business

$15.00 USD

Stan discusses the 10 basic foundation questions every new business owner must consider. The 10 questions Stan answe...

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Project Foreman - Job Description

$29.00 USD

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Free Sample Contracts


Download free sample contracts for: Hourly snow removal Landscaping Lawn Maintenance Reference Sheet

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Free Membership


Get access to member's only webinars. Plus more free content coming soon!

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YouTube Cram Course

$299.00 USD

Stan Genadek sits down and has a 1 hour 45 minute conversation with another local business owner all about YouTube. &...

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